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Making the Most of Your Day in Padstow: Beyond the Fishing Trip

After a thrilling fishing trip in the picturesque town of Padstow, you might wonder what else this charming Cornish destination has to offer. The good news is, Padstow is brimming with activities and attractions that can fill your day with more unforgettable memories. Whether you're a nature lover, a foodie, or someone who enjoys soaking up local culture, Padstow and its surroundings have something special for you. Let's explore how you can make the most of your day in and around Padstow after your fishing adventure.

Rick Stein Seafood

Culinary Delights in Padstow

Padstow is renowned for its culinary scene, particularly its seafood. After returning from your fishing trip, indulge in a meal at one of the town's famous seafood restaurants. Celebrity chef Rick Stein has several establishments in Padstow, offering everything from casual fish and chips to upscale dining experiences. Don't miss the opportunity to taste fresh, locally sourced seafood prepared by some of the best chefs in Cornwall.

Camel Trail Bike Rides

Explore the Camel Estuary by Bike

The Camel Trail offers a scenic route for cyclists and walkers alike, stretching from Padstow to Wadebridge and beyond. Rent a bike and explore the estuary's stunning natural beauty at your own pace. The trail is relatively flat, making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Along the way, you'll find plenty of spots to stop, relax, and take in the views of the surrounding countryside and wildlife.

Prideaux Place

Visit Prideaux Place

Just a short walk from the harbor, Prideaux Place is a must-visit for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. This beautiful Elizabethan manor house, set in stunning grounds with deer park, offers guided tours that provide a glimpse into the area's rich history and the lives of its aristocratic inhabitants. The house has also been a location for numerous films and television series, adding an extra layer of interest for visitors.

Relax on the Beach

Padstow is surrounded by some of Cornwall's most beautiful beaches. Whether you're looking to relax on the sand, take a refreshing swim, or try your hand at surfing, there's a beach for you. Harlyn Bay, Trevone Bay, and Constantine Bay are all within easy reach and offer different experiences, from family-friendly shores to surfers' paradises.

Enjoy a Local Wine or Beer Tasting

Cornwall is home to several vineyards and breweries, and what better way to unwind after a day of fishing than with a tasting session? Many local producers offer tours and tastings, giving you the chance to sample some of the region's best wines and craft beers. It's a great way to support local businesses and discover new favourites.

Take a Boat Trip to the Rugged Coastline

If you haven't had enough of the sea, consider taking a leisurely boat trip along the coast. Several companies operate out of Padstow, offering tours that showcase the area's dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, and maybe even some local wildlife, such as seals and dolphins. It's a relaxing way to end your day, soaking up the natural beauty of Cornwall from a different perspective.

Art and Wine Cornwall

Experience Art and Culture

Padstow and the surrounding area are home to a vibrant arts scene, with galleries showcasing works by local artists and craftsmen. Take a stroll through the town and explore the various galleries, or participate in a workshop to try your hand at something new, from painting to pottery. It's a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the local culture and perhaps take home a unique souvenir.

Padstow offers a wealth of experiences beyond fishing, making it the perfect destination for a full day of adventure and relaxation. Whether you're savouring the local cuisine, exploring the natural beauty of the area, or delving into its history and culture, Padstow has something to make your visit truly memorable.

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